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At Svarmi we special in everything related to remote sensing. If it’s building inspection, classification, vegetation monitoring, gas detection or anything else we are here at your service. Our focus is on customized solution so we can meet your demand.


Super fast data delivery

We know that time is important, and that's why we now guaranty to deliver data no less than two weeks after it was sampled. If we don't you get a discount!


Highest spatial resolution available

For our aerial data there is almost no limitations on resolution. You choose the resolution we fly and deliver the data to you


Solution to every need

We have a broad variety of tools and technique and are capable to adapt to every need and situation. We don't rely on proprietary closed solutions giving us the opportunity to innovate with our customers


When accuracy and reliability matter

We deliver only highly accurate scientific data. We have the knowledge for calibration of our aerial data to provide truly accurate scientific data. By using Svarmi Services you are not paying for equipment rental only but mostly extensive knowledge in the field of remote sensing.

Our work

Landfill mapping

Landfill mapping

Álfsnes landfill, Iceland

Land erosion

Land erosion

Héraðssandur, Iceland

Birch distribution and classification

Birch distribution and classification

Skeiðarársandur, Iceland

Seaweed biomass estimation

Seaweed biomass estimation

Breiðafjörður, Iceland

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Revolution in remote sensing. Automated solution that greatly increases the temporal resolution without increasing the cost.

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