Remote sensing

Our True Passion

This company is built on our hobby, we do this because we enjoy it. We always look forward to take on new projects, especially challenging innovative projects. We love problems and we love remote sensing by doing so we can provide the best available services in the world.

Since 2013

Experience and comprehensive knowledge

Svarmi was founded in 2013 by two mechanical engineers with a shared interest in engineering and flying. Both founders had couple of years experience in designing and building drones and RC model planes before they took the obvious step to start a company around their passion. The field of drones has exploded since then, and the focus of the company has shifted from selling custom built drones, to being a service provider selling scientific and innovative data with remote sensing.

Tryggvi Stefánsson


Victor Pajuelo Madrigal

GIS and Earth Observation specialist

Hagalín Ásgrímur Guðmundsson


Daniel Ben-Yeoshua


Hallgrímur Davíð Egilsson

Software developer - automated solutions expert

We build lasting relationships

The Companies We Serve


The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (Landgræðsla Rikisins) has a strong collaboration project with Svarmi. Together with other institutions, we are pursuing a joint effort to use Remote Sensing and Earth Observation to conduct research within spatial ecology.


The Marine & Freshwater Research Institute of Iceland (Hafrannsóknastofnun) has been collaborating with Svarmi in order to estimate the distribution and extension of seaweed in West Iceland.


The engineering company (Verkís) is collaborating with Svarmi to bring better datasets for planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) data for infrastructure projects.


The waste management company SORPA required the services from Svarmi to conduct monitoring projects at their landfill site. Thermal imagery was used for detecting methane leakage spots, NIR imagery to study vegetation distribution and photogrammetry for conducting topographical analysis.


The National Power Company of Iceland (Landsvirkjun) has contracted Svarmi's services for a variety of projects that include vegetation monitoring, land erosion and sedimentation at their hydro-power plants.