Svarmi is involved in an ongoing research project with the Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland. A  fracture has opened on Svínafellsheiði approximately 500 m above Svínafellsjökull Glacier, SE Iceland. In order to evaluate the potential danger for tourists and guides on the glacier and infrastructure in front of the glacier the fracture and the adjacent cliff were mapped with one of our hexacopters. The achieved dataset shows obvious signs of weakness in the vertical and sometimes overhanging basalt. Furthermore, a different rock lithologies in the cliff were identified which may increase the weakness.


Evaluation of landslide potential on Svínafellsheiði, SE Iceland


Research project in collaboration with Daniel Ben-Yehoshua


High resolution RGB camera.

High resolution over rugged area

About 900 high resolution images were collected during two flights. A ground resolution of about 1.5 cm/pixel allows for the detection of even small details. (For scale: the orange/white flag is 1 m wide)

Highly valuable scientific outputs

Geological data analysis was conducted in the 3D dataset by scientific staff at Svarmi.

Remote sensing in remote locations

The team hiked 3 hours and about 900 m of elevation change in alpine terrain to perform the measurements.

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