Tryggvi Stefánsson, CEO of Svarmi ehf. answering tough questions about the possibilities of UAV mapping.

Related to Jóhann Mar Ólafsson’s Masterthesis “UAV Geothermal Mapping in Austurengjar” at the University of Reykjavík which was co-supervised by staff at Svarmi a short news story was published yesterday on Stöðvar 2 and

For Jóhann’s thesis Svarmi created a visible light (RGB) map and thermal map of a geothermal area close to Krýsuvík (SW Iceland) which he then analyzed and interpreted.

Several other projects we are working on are mentioned in the report as well.



A part of the thermal map at Austurengjar generated from imagery taken from a UAV based infrared camera. Bright colors show hot – and dark colors show cold temperatures.