Drones as a tool to access difficult terrain at Svínafellsheiði

Svarmi’s Daniel Ben-Yehoshua was interviewed by Stöðvar 2 on Monday, 16 July about the usage of drones to map Svínafellsheiði. This unstable cliff in SE Iceland could cause a landslide in the area.  The cliff at Svínafellsheiði is a steep and dangerous.  Drones were therefore a good solution to mapping in terrain that is difficult or impossible to access by foot.

Svarmi plans to continue landslide mapping

Between 2016-2017, Daniel flew drone surveys over Svínafellsheiði. By comparing the 3D models he created from the flights, he could see signs of movement in the slope after just one year. The Svinafellsjökull glacier, which is below Svínafellsheiði, is a popular destination for visitors in Skaftafell National Park. and this unstable cliff above the glacier poses a significant threat to people on the glacier and close by. Daniel and Svarmi continue their involvement in the project and hope to conduct repeat drone flights in the area in the future to better understand landslide risk. Svarmi has also been using drones to map potential landslides in inaccessible areas elsewhere in Iceland, such as a recently discovered unstable slope in Fjallabak, and on the recent landslide in Hítardalur.


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