Svarmi's automated drone project winner ESA EO Future Challenge

Svarmi’s Automated Drone Project, Myriad, won a category in the ESA Copernicus Master’s Challenge.

Svarmi’s Myriad winner in ESA 2018 Copernicus Masters

The 2018 ESA Copernicus Masters is a global competition about problem-solving using earth observation data. We entered Myriad, Svarmi’s automated drone project, in the ESA EO Future Challenge Category of the competition. As a result, we are happy to announce that the 2018 ESA (European Space Agency) Copernicus Masters committee chose Myriad as a the winner for this category.  Additionally, the winners of the Copernicus Masters receive access to big data from the ESA Copernicus Program.  Above all, access to these data opens many doors for the future of Myriad at Svarmi in terms of environmental monitoring with drones and satellites.

Myriad – Svarmi’s automated drone service

Some changes on earth’s surface are difficult or impossible to detect from the ground because we often don’t have a bird’s eye view of the area. This is why Svarmi has been working on the Myriad automated drone project for the last 2 years. Myriad is an automated and self-deploying drone solution and it is intended to be used along with automatic environmental change detection in satellite images using deep learning algorithms. Therefore, Myriad is an ideal solution for monitoring environmental and land changes on many scales. Currently, we have a team of programmers and engineers at Svarmi working on self-landing drones as part of Myriad. These drones will be able to detect changes and send large amounts of data to a server instantly.

Svarmi's automated drone project Myriad

A visual explanation of Myriad.

Access to Copernicus Satellite data helps to expand Svarmi’s current drone environmental monitoring program.

The future of Myriad with Copernicus

As a winner of the Copernicus Masters Challenge, Svarmi will have access to Copernicus satellite data. This will be a big step forward in the development of Myriad. For example, we can now improve our ongoing methods of environmental change detection can be up-scaled from drone images to satellite images. As a result, this will create more accurate and complete data than are currently possible using either drones or satellites for monitoring environmental changes.

Svarmi presented Myriad at the Space Awards 2018

Svarmi team members Victor, Tryggvi and Hallgrímur attended the 2018 Space Awards in Marseille, France on the 4th of December. At the awards, they presented the project and meet with mentors for the Myriad project. In addition to receiving the award and access to Copernicus satellite data, Svarmi will also receive mentoring from some of the biggest names in remote sensing.


Svarmi receiving Copernicus Master's award for automated drone project

Hallgrímur, Victor, and Tryggvi (left to right) receive the Copernicus Master’s award for Svarmi in Marseille, France.