Tryggvi Stefánsson

CEO & Founder of Svarmi, Drone Specialist

Victor Pajuelo Madrigal

MSc. Geography; Drone & Remote Sensing Specialist

Sydney Gunnarson

MSc., Geology; Drone & Remote Sensing Specialist

Hallgrímur Davíð Egilsson

Software developer - automated solutions expert

Daniel Ben-Yehoshua

MSc., Geology; Drone & Remote Sensing Specialist

Aðalsteinn Ingi Pálsson

Web Developer

Remote sensing

Our True Passion

Svarmi grew from a hobby to a company specializing in mapping with drones.

Simply put: We do this because we enjoy it.

Our strength is finding creative methods for challenging projects requiring drones. Let’s work together to find a solution.

Since 2013

Experienced and knowledgeable

Svarmi was founded in 2013 by two mechanical engineers with a shared interest in flying. Both founders had years of experience designing and building drones and RC model planes before they took the obvious step to start a company around their passion.


Usage of drones has expanded since then, and the focus of the company has shifted from selling custom built drones to data services. Svarmi is now a leading expert in Iceland in remote sensing data for scientific and industrial purposes.