What are cookies?

When you browse Svarmi’s page, we use cookies to help us gather information on how our site is being used and how it can be improved for our users. Cookies are small files that get placed on your computer as you use the web. Many websites use these files to personalize the content that you see, to protect you against spam, and show you ads that are relevant to you.


How and why do we use them?

We use cookies mainly to enhance your user experience. For example, we use cookies to determine which language you prefer the website to be in so we can personalize the content to you. Many of our pages contain also embedded links to our YouTube videos. YouTube is a Google-owned company, which uses cookies which keeps users’ statistics on player preferences, estimates the user’s bandwidth usage, and links the information to Google to give statistics on website usage (see Google’s Privacy Info for more information). Some of our pages use GPS and IDE Cookies track the users location and actions after viewing and clicking on a website to create targeted ads towards the user.