Big construction projects can have great impact on nature.  Monitoring those affects closely is therefore very important to reduce  impact on the surrounding natural environment. We used a fixed wing drone to map the extent of the coastline and to monitor if and  how the coastline was eroding. High-resolution maps are essential in order to identify any changes, and in this case, Svarmi’s customized fixed-wing drones with RGB cameras were an ideal solution.


Mapping the erosion and extension of a beach




Fixed wing drone, multispectral and a high resolution RGB camera

Thousands of high-resolution RGB images

Due to the size of the area and the resolution required for environmental monitoring, thousands of images were required for this project.

Flying High

Due to the very large size of the area it, the fixed-wing drone was flown at 300m height to cover the entire project site while still keeping the resolution at 7 cm/px, ideal for monitoring land changes. 

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