Over the last three years, Svarmi has conducted repeat surveys of the Sorpa landfill. This area is a perfect example for the broad applications of our drones. Fast changes in surface topography can be detected and quantified easily. We created differential surface models to show year-to-year differences. This strongly increases the efficiency of planning concerning waste distribution on site. Furthermore, we flew surveys with thermal cameras to detect methane leaks, improving the safety and efficiency of this site.


Landfill mapping with thermal and high resolution RGB cameras 




Multicopter drone, Fix Wing drone,  LWIR and a high resolution RGB cameras


Volumetric measurements

Differential Digital Elevation Models (DDEM)

Reflectance Mapping


By stitching together several hundred high resolution RGB images a large combined so called ortho-mosaic is generated.

Thermal imagery

In thermal mapping the distance from the object being monitored to the thermal sensor is of great importance since the shorter the distance is the more accurate the absoloute temperature will be. With our drones we can fly closer to the ground than any other method currently available and also giving the highest resolution possible.

Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM)

High resolution imagery allowed us togenerate Digital Surface and Terrain Models (DSM and DTM). High quality DSM and/or DTM can be essential for analyzing terrain in large projects. By using our services, it is possible to get the highest resolution DSMs and DTMs available today (down to 1 cm resolution or below).

Differencial Digital Surface model (DDSM)

To able able to visualize changes in the topography a DDSM is a good way to visualize the difference. In landfills the topography is changing constantly and therefore a DDSM is important to vizualize where and by how much material has been added or removed.