High-Resolution Drone Mapping

Georeferenced aerial imagery and maps

We specialize in high-resolution drone maps and aerial imagery. We offer imagery at any resolution required for the project. In addition to RGB cameras, we can equip our drones with multispectral & thermal cameras depending on the needs of the project. We always use ground-truth and georeference our maps to be sure they fit your project.

Drone LiDAR Survey

LIght Detection And Ranging - first in Iceland

drone lidar svarmi iceland

Svarmi is the first company in Iceland to offer drone-based LiDAR survey. LiDAR works by scanning the ground with beams of light, providing fast & accurate elevation models. One main advantage of LiDAR is that it can provide better terrain models (DTMs), or models of the ground surface below the vegetation cover than can be created with photogrammetry. For example, LiDAR can be used to find the height of the vegetation above ground, the amount of leaves on the vegetation, and the various levels of vegetation (e.g. trees vs. bushes vs. grass). Finally, LiDAR is ideal for inspection because it can be used to map vertical structures such as power lines and walls quickly and accurately.

Drone-Based Thermal Inspection & Mapping

drone thermal camera geothermal iceland

With our drones we can perform low-cost building site inspection or road and industrial monitoring. For example, combining thermal and regular color images are ideal for monitoring buildings or geothermal areas. Also, drone surveys are easily repeated many times a year in order to monitor changes.

Elevation Models & Contour Lines

High resolution and accurate

contour lines hæðarlínur svarmi drones

Drones are an ideal tool for creating eevation models and contour lines when accuracy matters. Because we can survey an area quickly and in a cost-effective manner, elevation models can be created regularly in order to evaluated differences year-to-year or season-to-season. We use photogrammetry to create high-quality terrain models which are always georeferenced to fit the project.

Image Analysis & Classification

Drone remote sensing for research & information purposes

Combining multispectral and RGB imagery helped us to identify seaweed extent in Breiðafjörður, West Iceland.

Slide the vertical bar to reveal multispectral (black and white) image.

At Svarmi, we believe that information is more valuable than data. That’s why we offer services with machine learning algorithms to automatically classify images and extract information from large datasets, thus reducing time and cost in a project. Additionally, we can combine aerial, thermal, multi-spectral, and many more types of imagery for more robust classification. Our team of remote sensing specialists are also experts at combining drone images and satellite data to scale-up projects.  Therefore, this type of analysis is useful with large data sets, such as for inspection, vegetation classification, or geologic mapping.

Data Hosting & Visualization

View, Collaborate, Interact securely from your browser

Customized and Collaborative Viewing

We provide datasets in many easy-to-use formats. Additionally, we offer an online 2-D and 3-D viewer where many users in the same project can access to the images we provide. Accessing the data viewer in a web browser on any device is easy, secure and password-protected.

Measure from your browser

With the data viewer, users can directly make measurements in the browser (e.g. volume, height, profile, area). Plus, measurements can be exported as CSV or LAS formats. Lastly, our data specialists are always available for assistance with data products.

Example of powerlines imaged using LiDAR as shown in the Svarmi Data Viewer
lidar svarmi data viewer